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Professional and Compassionate Nursing Services

Get High-Quality Nursing Services

A1-Omega Healthcare Services provides a variety of health care services, including nursing and in-home aid services. From dressings to injections, you can be certain that our reliable and skilled nursing staff will provide you with quality care possible at any time you need. 
Nursing Service

Skilled Nursing Services 

  • Diabetes management
    • Blood glucose monitoring
    • Insulin syringe preparation and administration
    • Diabetes education
  • Renal and urinary
    • Urinary insertion and care
    • Teaching Self-catheterization 
    • Straight catheterization
    • Intermittent catheterization
  • Oxygen therapy
    • Tracheostomy care and suctioning
    • Oxygen administration
    • Apnea monitoring
  • Intravenous therapy management
    • Peripheral IV insertion, dressing change, and flushing
    • Central catheter care and management
    • Peripheral inserted central catheter care and management (PICC line)
    • IV therapy - infusion
  • Pain management
    • Medication administration
  • Medication - Pill box management/Set-up
  • Specimen collection
    • Clean catch urine specimen and 24 hours collection
    • Stool, sputum collection
    • Blood specimen collection
  • Nutrition
    • G-tube feeding and care
    • Bolus, continues, and intermittent feeding
    • NG-tube feeding and care
  • Wound care
    • Clean dressing, sterile, wet, and dry dressing. E.T.C.
    • Staple and suture removal
    • Pressure ulcer risk assessment
    • Wound irrigation
  • Elimination
    • Ostomy (colostomy and urostomy) and stoma care
    • Bladder training
    • Fecal impaction removal
    • Private Duty Nursing

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Blood Glucose Monitoring 
Foley insertion and care
Urinary Catheterization and Care
Oxygen therapy
Oxygen Therapy
 Iv Therapy - Infusion
Medication-Pill box management/Set-up
Pain Mangement
Blood Specimen Collection
Wound care
 Wound Care
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